What will you do? When will you do it?

There is no business model on a dead planet.

Businesses and brands are the new agents of change to drive action on critical social issues in the decade ahead.

About D.O.A

D.O.A It's a boshy name! Damn right. D.O.A stands for Decade of Action, a phrase coined by the UN to describe the important of the next ten years in making significant progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. More than that though, D.O.A is a common acronym for Dead On Arrival - this is our head nod to the fact that there is no business model on a dead planet. So either way DOA is our name, and positive action is what we make happen.

The actions we make happen are predicated on two fundamental questions 'What will you do?' and 'When will you do it?" These two questions underpin the driving methods and processes of the agency. Founded in 2020, and wrapping up in 2030 (maybe) - we've got a lot we want to get done.


D.O.A has four levels of engagement with our clients

D.O.A Process


We work with influential businesses and brands who believe…

We are facing critical social issues in the decade ahead
and at risk of reversing progress towards addressing these issues if we don’t change our approach.
Business success, social good and thriving communities do not have to be in competition with each other.
Instead holding the tension of business strengths and social needs can create new, emergent and impactful solutions.
Brands have touchpoints with every aspect of human life.
They can and must play a central role in taking action and creating impact across sectors and industries.
They can apply their assets, ideas and influence to shift
the trajectory of people and the planet for the better.

Here are some of the epic businesses we work with

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Old El Paso
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Orange Sky



  • Ebony Gaylor

    Ebony is a hardworking 'do-gooder' in the social cause space. Most recently coming out of a stint at Red Cross leading their 'future of humanity' work. But has also served her time in Government departments and big four consultancies of the world too. She is a leading thinker in the space of social design. A practice that demonstrates how tackling big/gnarly social issues can actually be designed for by bringing together social and systems theories with human and process design approaches.

  • Margie Reid

    Margie is CEO of creative and media agency Thinkerbell and co-founder of D.O.A. Margie has developed a reputation as one of the most trusted and professional operators within the media landscape. With award winning work in the media industry, she now oversees our 'joined up' model of communications at Thinkerbell, across media, creative, brand, earned and digital with a dose of Measured Magic.

  • Adam Ferrier

    Adam is a psychologist working in brand building and behaviour change. Adam is an author, speaker and social commentator at the intersection of psychology and marketing. He has developed and been involved in many projects in the social cause space for issues to do primarily with mental health. So much so that he wanted to help create an agency that specialises in this space.

  • Sally Murchie

    Sally is passionate about creating positive change for individuals, communities and our environment. Backed by 9 years in Global Corporate Advertising and coupled with a love of learning of Applied Positive Psychology, Sally, has joined D.O.A with a wealth of experience in communications, strategic thinking and project management plus “action” orientated tools and ideas to promote and sustain positive change in an ever evolving world.

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What will you do? When will you do it?

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